Great for any industry!

Tech-Roll hydraulic motorized pulleys and drum motors just make sense. The drum motor has the hydraulic motor inside the roller and you gain space as well as protecting the motor from damage and corrosion. Also this drum motor or motorized pulley keeps the work area clean and safe with the motor contained inside the drum. Tech-Roll motorized pulleys make things simple.

On a typical conveyor system, traditionally mounted hydraulic motors can take up as much as 20 inches at the end of a roller, using valuable space. They require couplings or chain drives that often break and need frequent painting. This drum motor or motorized pulley protects the motor, surrounding area and workers, saving time and maintenance.

These potential problems are eliminated with the Tech-Roll motorized pulley!
Its basically maintenance free, saves space, clean, and with no external moving parts -- it is safe.
The Tech-Roll motorized pulleys are also simple to install and can replace existing drives without conveyor modification. The drive unit can be disassembled by removing only four screws and with no oil inside, does not need to be sent out for service.

Available in stainless or steel, Tech-Roll drum motors are ideal for HACCP inspected locations where it eliminates potential contamination from hard-to-clean external motors, couplers, chain drives, and oil leaks. And in wet areas where electric power is hazardous, including fishing vessels, this drum motor easily withstands high pressure saltwater wash downs.


The Advantages of Tech-Roll Hydraulic Motorized Pulleys:

  • Safe - No rotating parts outside
    a roller
  • Ideal for wet areas - no risk of electric shocks
  • Compact - saves up to 20” of valuable space
  • Easy speed control without electronics
  • Full torque at all speeds and at start
  • Simple - 10 minutes to disassemble and reassemble
  • Clean - ideal for HACCP inspected areas
  • Does Not Overheat - cooled by return oil
  • Explosion Proof - no electric sparks
  • Used with any type of belting - PVC, modular steel, plastic
  • Lag with any materials, also can be knurled
  • Easy Retrofit - uses standard bearing housings
  • Save by reduced maintenance & downtime


The TECH-ROLL motorized pulleys are HACCP & OSHA friendly!
Sealed tightly and precisioned for long wear!


The Tech-Roll Motorized Pulley...great for any industry!

  • Meat, poultry & fish processing
  • Wood & lumber processing
  • Baggage handling
  • Sand & gravel industry
  • Agricultural industry & more


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